If you need help or have questions, please reach out to the team on Telegram or Discord. Stargaze is moving fast, the information below may not be completely up to date.

Table of Contents

What is Stargaze?

Stargaze is a decentralized social protocol that allows for creation / curation of content, issuing social tokens, and governing online communities.

What is curating?

Curating a post is similar to a Twitter like, but with tokens (called CREDITS). In return you get rewards if others also curate the same tweet.

Curation happens during a 24 hour window. At the end of the window, votes are tallied and rewards distributed based on incentivized quadratic voting.

How do I curate a Post?

Option 1: Web app
Click the vote button next to the post

Click the curate button, and select the amount of the vote:

Select how many votes you would like to purchase

Option 2: Twitter bot

Reply to the tweet you want to curate with @stargaze_fi +X where X is the number of votes.

What is quadratic voting?

Quadratic voting is a type of voting that uses tokens for greater expressiveness than traditional voting. In Stargaze, tokens are used to express the intensity of the vote. The higher the quality of the tweet, the more tokens it is expected to get.

At the end of each curation window, all tokens are redistributed evenly to everyone that voted. This means that if you voted with 9 tokens, you may not get all of it back. And if you voted with just 1 token, you might get more back if others voted >1.

Everyone gets the same amount of tokens each day to curate with.

What is incentivized quadratic voting?

Incentivized quadratic voting is Stargaze's twist on quadratic voting. For every post you curate, you get STARS tokens in proportion to the curated amount.

How do I stake on posts?

After the initial voting period has ended, you can earn extra STARS tokens by staking on posts. Staking is also a great way to signal which posts you feel are the best.

Staking on posts is simple, simply go to a post detail page and click the stake button.

Stake on a post by clicking the Stake button under the post

Then choose how many stars you would like to stak and which validator you want to stake them with.

Staking on a post by specifying the ammount and the validator to delegate to

When your funds are staked, they are locked and you'll be unable to use them. Think of them like being in a savings account earning interest. To use your staked STARS tokens, you'll have to unstake them. Simply click the Unstake button that appears under posts you've staked on, and select how many STARS you would like to unstake.

NOTE: it will take some time to unstake the tokens, this is known as the unbonding period and it's done for security purposes.

What are STARS tokens used for?

STARS are the heart of the Stargaze network. They are used to secure the proof of stake network that powers Stargaze. STARS is a staking token that represents ownership in the Stargaze network.

STARS is also used to participate in Stargaze governance. STARS entitles you to vote on adding support for new social networks, and changing network parameters.

STARS is also used for promoting content in Stargaze by extending the curation window.

STARS can be staked on posts after curation, signaling long-term interest in the content while earning yield.